The building program teaches you how to build a life on the rock solid principles of faith in Jesus 

“We are coworkers with God and you are God’s cultivated garden, the house he is building. God has given me unique gifts as a skilled master builder who lays a good foundation. Afterward another craftsman comes and builds on it. So builders beware! Let every builder do his work carefully according to God’s standard” [1 Corinthians 3:9-10 TPT]

When we accept Jesus as Lord and receive the Holy Spirit we receive new materials to build our life with. We no longer are trying to build on sand but are now building on the rock solid foundation of faith with Jesus as our immovable cornerstone. If we don’t consciously choose to let go of our old materials and take hold of the new, our faith will not endure through the storms of life. We already have received all the resources that we need, but we have to put them together and use them to create a home for God to rest on us through every season.


For one month at a time you will choose one building block of faith that comes out of the word of God and begin the process of building it into your life. Once you recognize what you want to build you will pray a prayer of repentance, to level the ground and give you a fresh starting point. From there you will form your daily practice of bible study, journaling, and prayer. Then you will put your practice to the test as you outwork in your daily life. We recommend keep track of your practices in a journal so you can revisit them to observe your transformation over time. 

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Choose a principle of faith from the word of God that you are ready to build into your life 


Level the ground beneath you and allow God to lay a solid foundation in surrender 

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Use your tools and resources to build a healthy practice of bible study, journaling, and prayer

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Test your structure by applying these principles and practices to everyday life 


Identify a principle of faith that you would like to develop

Choose a specific principle of faith from the word of God that you desire to develop in your life. Ask God to come alongside you in this selecting process and don’t let fear or doubt guide your decision. If you have an old way of living that you want to exchange with a principle of faith, find in our list it’s opposite and choose that. Your inner motivation to build this part of your life will help to keep you stay committed through the days when you don’t feel like putting in the work. Do not feel limited to the list. If there is something you desire to build that you don’t see, feel free to chose what you like as long as it is in agreement with the word of God.     


Lay a foundation of prayer to start on level ground

Once you choose the principle that you desire to build, you are going to pray a prayer of surrender and repentance. This prayer will be the laying of your foundation. This foundations brings you into alignment with God’s plans and purpose for your life and will bring you out of agreement with the sinful nature that wants to distort and disrupt God’s purposes and plans in this area of your life. This action activates your ability to build freely and gives you the supernatural empowerment to stay committed through the process. This guided prayer is given to you at the beginning of the month, but we encourage you to revisit it if you ever feel you are losing sight of your goal.


Use tools and materials to build a daily practice of listening

Developing this principle into a way of life takes stewardship. The ways to bring this structure to life are by: grabbing hold of your tools, using the right materials, protecting your progress, and being patient through the process. Your building tools are journaling, mediating, praying and reflecting on Word of God with RMS Bible Study Methods to help. Our hope is that you begin to navigate the word of God like a treasure hunt, seeking out His mysteries and uncovering every ounce of wisdom needed through the stories of the word. We are giving you resources, but you have the freedom to create your path. Your materials to build with are Jesus's presence and prayer. Getting into His presence through prayer, praise, and stillness will keep you stocked up with unlimited supply of material to use to keep building. Another essential principle to seeing real development is your commitment to watch over your construction site. Be alert for storms and cover up what is still vulnerable to the elements. This is done spiritually by guarding your heart from anything that is outside of God’s truth. Finally, find patience through the process. A half built house is no fun to look at or live in and sometimes when it takes longer than expected we tend to want to abandon it. God calls us to embrace endurance when we feel like giving up. We have to trust him that he will bring our work to completion in due time. 



Use RMS Bible Study Methods to grow knowledge, wisdom, insight, and understanding from the word of God. 



Take time to talk to God. Bring your needs and desires with an open heart and experience real intimacy with your creator.



Absorb the healing presence of God with praise, gratitude, and stillness in your heart. Let his love refresh you with peace and joy. 


Solidify your structure by implementing into real life 

Action is the nuts and bolts that hold all the materials together. It's the mortar that keeps each brick in place. Without these pieces that hold everything together all you're efforts stacked on top of each other will just collapse with the first blow of wind that comes. What this means spiritually is that when you apply your faith in real life settings, your stewardship has a chance to take hold and influence your everyday living. When we step out in faith, trusting that our building will stand strong, we enable it to become a real part of who we are with confidence and strength. If this action of stepping out results in momentary failure and reveals that your structure still needs more work, all you have to do is get back to Jesus and the Word of God and keep developing your blueprint. It is through endurance that perfection is released into every part of us, failure and resistance is part of the process (James 1:4). Over time as we stay faithful to this process, we will find ourselves strong and stable enduring any storm that comes our way. The overall goal is to eventually continue this stewardship until our building becomes our home. This home is a place where we get to rest and enjoy life with our friends and family. It's a place where we are free and at peace. Moving in to this home will be a time for celebration! But be careful to not get distracted and forget about your stewardship. The seasons always change and with that comes different storms and conditions. We need to always be maintaining our home with the same stewardship we had to create it. This comes through listening, obeying His directions, and realigning our actions with His. This keeps us healthy and is essential to longevity. We then become a home for others to come to a rest and find peace.