The healing program teaches you how to release your heart from what is toxic and restore it back to wholeness through God's grace and truth.

"As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart." [Proverbs 27:19]

When we accept Jesus as Lord and receive the Holy Spirit we become a fertile land that is capable of endless growth. We are no longer a desolate and dry land, we are now alive in Christ, having all the nutrients we need. The Holy Spirit gives us our complete ‘new creation’ nature, but in seed form. This means we have been given the potential to become all that we were created to be in Christ, but we have to take action to cultivate that nature into its fullness. We can think of ourselves as a beautiful garden that has yet to be grown. We have all we need within us to transform that fertile land into our own restored Eden.


For one month at a time you will choose one seed from your new creation nature and begin the process of cultivating it. Once you recognize the seed you want to plant you will pray a prayer of repentance, and activate that growth. From there you will form your daily practice of bible study, journaling, and prayer. Then you will put your practice to the test as you outwork in your daily life. We recommend writing each of these steps in a journal so you revisit them to observe your transformation over time. 



Choose an attribute of your new creation nature that you are ready to grow



Activate it by coming into alignment with God’s purpose and method for growth

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Cultivate your seed through daily stewardship of Bible study, journaling, and prayer

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Test your growth by stepping out in faith in real life, believing that you are transforming 


Choose a specific attribute from one of the 6 categories of seeds that you desire to develop in your life. Ask God to come alongside you in this process of selecting the seed and don’t let fear or doubt guide your decision. If there is something that you want to uproot, find in this list it’s opposite and choose that. Your inner motivation to grow this seed will help to keep you committed through the days when you don’t feel like putting in the work. Do not feel limited to the list. If there is a seed you desire to cultivate that you don’t see, just determine which category it falls under and continue from there.     








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Once you choose the seed that you desire to sow, you are going to pray a prayer of surrender and repentance. This prayer will be the planting of your seed. This planting brings you into alignment with God’s plans and purpose for your seed and will bring you out of agreement with the sinful nature that wants to distort and disrupt God’s purposes and plans in this area of your life. This action activates your seed’s ability to grow and gives you the supernatural empowerment to stay committed through the process. This guided prayer is given to you at the beginning of the month, but we encourage you to revisit it when you feel you are losing sight of your goal.


God, I am choosing right now to come out of agreement with the desires of my flesh. I choose instead to activate this seed of my new nature as the new creation that I am in Christ Jesus. God, I ask you to impart the power of your supernatural grace into my whole being to help me stay committed to the stewardship of this seed so that it will bear fruit and become the full manifestation of what it is given to me for. Thank you God for your gifts given to me in seed form, and thank you that I get the opportunity to co-labor with you to grow them into a beautiful garden for your glory.


Cultivating this seed to become the full grown version of what it was created to be takes stewardship. The principles to cultivate the seed’s growth are: weeding out, watering, watching over, and waiting. Weeding out meaning that you are using the Bible to uproot growth that doesn’t benefit your garden. We provide you with tools on how to do different bible studies such as the biographical method, word study, character attribute study, biblical literalism, exegesis, allegorical interpretation, and moral interpretation. Our hope is that you begin to navigate the word of God like a treasure hunt, seeking out His mysteries and uncovering every ounce of wisdom needed through the stories of the word. We are giving you resources, but you have the freedom to create your path. The next piece to cultivating growth is water. Jesus is our living water. Getting into His presence through prayer, praise, and stillness will help nourish that seed to keep it alive. Sometimes we do this through community and friendship and sometimes this happens in our secret place with just Jesus. Both are essential to the health of the seed.  Another essential principle to seeing growth is your commitment to watch over the seed to protect it from any intruders that try to come and dig it up. We do this spiritually by guarding our hearts from anything that is outside of God’s truth. Finally we wait. God is the one who brings the growth after we've done all that we can to steward. He sets the right conditions, brings order to the things we cannot control and we trust him in the waiting.


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Choose a person in the Bible that you would like to study. For example, Moses, David, Ruth, Mary, or Paul. 



Choose a specific word in the Bible that you would like to study. For example, presence, love, or faith. 

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Choose a Bible story that you would like to understand better. For example, The Book of Esther, or Crossing of the Red Sea. 



Choose a principle of faith that you would like to study. For example, prayer & fasting, tithing, or surrender.


Action is what allows the seed to take root in the ground. Roots are the underground strength that allow everything else to flourish. What this means spiritually is that when you apply your faith in real life settings, your stewardship has a chance to take hold and influence your everyday living. When we step out in faith, trusting that our seed is manifesting we enable it to become more real to us, which helps to grow our confidence and strength in this area. If this action of stepping out results in momentary failure and reveals that the seed is not fully mature yet, all we have to do is go back to Jesus and keep cultivating. It is through endurance that perfection is released into every part of us, failure and resistance is part of the process (James 1:4). Over time as we stay faithful to this process, roots will grow deep and wide and we will find ourselves breaking through the ground and experiencing that visible, tangible, evidence of growth. The overall goal is to eventually continue this stewardship until we receive fruit. This fruit is the goal of all our hard work. The fruit is where we get to enjoy and delight in what has been grown. We get to be nourished by it and share it with others. This is a time of celebration! But be careful to not get distracted and forget about your stewardship. Once there is fruit, the seasons change and we will need to allow God to prune. This comes through listening, obeying His directions, and realigning our actions with His. We surrender and allow anything that is not going to bear fruit to be cut off.  This keeps us healthy and is essential to longevity. And finally, we need to remember to always abide. If we get disconnected from the source, our branches die and there is no gain in our stewardship. We have to always remain connected to Jesus to stay spiritually alive and continue bearing fruit.