A Program for the Long Game

Updated: May 14, 2020

Maximizing Results Through Ongoing Adaptation

In recent years with the boom of social media, it has become difficult to discern between fact and opinion when it comes to fitness. Sometimes conflicting resources and ever changing research create a sense of information overload that leads to more confusion than clarity. With an overabundance of workout guides coming through people with large followings, it can be challenging to discern who is offering trustworthy information backed by science and who is just great at rallying people to get moving. Both of these avenues are truly adding value to society, but only one of them is likely tailored enough to carry you to your long term goal. As a health and wellness coach with ten years of experience in the fitness industry, I have never been more sure of what people need. That is intentional, specific programming rooted in well researched scientific principles that have been proven to produce results for athletes of all levels. 

A program by definition is, “a set of related measures or activities with a particular long-term aim.” The RMS BODY program has a long-term aim of leading you to the transformed body you have always dreamed of. If you can allow your perspective to shift from the ‘get fit quick’ mentality to desire a transformed life with lasting results, this program will give you the tools you need to accomplish your wildest goals! 

Each month of the program will deep-dive into one of four primary foundations of resistance training: muscular endurance, hypertrophy, strength and power endurance. The three day a week total body programs will offer lean mass building, fat mass burning workouts that are uniquely designed to keep your body adapting in every season. Joel Jamieson, programming and conditioning expert, put it plainly, “The shotgun approach of trying to just throw everything together all at once most often leads to conflicting demands and thus poor results for anyone other than a beginning athlete. Even beginners would be better with a more structured approach.” It is likely that many of you had incredible results in the first three to six months of your fitness journey. Group fitness classes, one off gym sessions and 10,000 steps per day on a FitBit were burning a whole new level of calories and the number on the scale kept dropping. But how many of you found those numbers tapering off at a certain point and that your jeans didn’t seem to be getting any easier to button with that same approach? This shows that the value of focused, science based programming is unmatched. 

Typically, people seek out a personal trainer to snag a few good workouts to eventually do on their own or to get a clue on proper form before they disappear into the hiding of the group fitness studio, but nine times out of ten they end up sticking around far longer than anticipated. I can honestly say I have coached the majority of my clients for three plus years. This isn’t just because I’m super fun to hang out with, it’s because they have learned the value in an ever-changing program that grows with them. As their bodies adapt, they need new stimuli to keep them evolving and strengthening and shedding those extra pounds! 

So what is the secret? Periodization.

Periodization is the most widely recognized approach to good program design. It uses systematic variations in training methods, intensity, and volume to accomplish a specific purpose and offer long term adaptation for the body. Simply said, there is intentionality in every aspect of the program that is working to maximize change in the resistance training foundation you are developing. This means that even the suggested cardio you are committing to outside of the strength workout is coherent with the overarching goal. Many people don’t realize that sometimes the type of cardio they are doing is actually working against their strength goal! The RMS BODY program is crafted to maximize trackable advancements while still reducing risk of injury. 

Fitness is a journey and we want to guide you through it to reach your absolute maximum potential! So jump in, trust the process and know that your physical and mental being is capable of far more than you could ever imagine. We are so excited to guide you with step-by-step tools to get wherever you want to go.

“If you’re trying to develop strength, speed, power, endurance, etc all at once, then most likely none of these qualities are individually getting enough training volume to improve. The best way to stimulate a specific quality to improve is to focus your training efforts on it.” Joel Jamieson

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