What is a Transformed Body?

A Body Surrendered to Jesus and Committed to a Journey of Disciplined Transformation

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The physical body is a vehicle that brings expression to what is alive in the mind and spirit. The health of our body not only affects our quality of life, but also determines the level that we can actively pursue the dreams in our heart. An essential key to the body’s health is discipline. However, striving for control in our own strength usually leaves us frustrated and defeated. 

Through surrendering to Jesus as Lord, His grace releases us from striving for perfection and unlocks His supernatural power to fill in our weaknesses. When we partner with Him we have access to the freedom that allows us to become the strong, confident, beautiful individuals He has created us to be. 

The freedom that Jesus died for us to have is not just spiritual but is physical. The power of the Holy Spirit enables us to no longer be held captive by physical desire and craving but to live a life that is set apart for the purposes and plans of God. When desire and craving rule us we make decisions based on immediate gratification, but they only provide temporary satisfaction. Living set apart for His purposes and plans creates a life filled with joy, peace, love, health, faith, hope, and self control.  

We have to choose to align our decisions with God’s Spirit, instead of allowing our decisions to be dictated by the desires of our flesh. This alignment is a mark of true freedom. 

Our body is designed to be a temple of the Holy Spirit.  A temple is a place that is sacred, and set apart for the purpose of worship. It is the place where heaven and earth meet. As we live a life of worship we become good hosts of His presence to make His Spirit feel at home in us. Do you think the way you are stewarding your body enables God to feel at home in you? 

Our body is also created to be a weapon of righteousness. Weapons require sharpening and maintenance to function at their highest capacity. Physical training keeps us sharp and ready for use. Training our body boosts the immune system, improves sleep quality, provides mental clarity, increases confidence, regulates energy, and enhances mood. When we commit to consistent training we become resilient and equipped for our purpose. 

Stewardship of our physical, mental and spiritual health will not only transform the appearance of our bodies, it will actually begin to alter our genetic expression. Observable characteristics of our genes change as a result of what they are consistently exposed to. Our willingness to continually adapt in this lifetime will determine the expression of our genetics that is inherited by our children and change the generations to come.

The RMS BODY program equips you with the tools to develop resilience as you continually adapt to function at your highest capacity. If you choose to begin with surrender, grace is supernaturally imparted to fill in the gaps of your weaknesses, and strengthen your capacity for discipline.

Surrender begins by praying that God's grace would align your thoughts, actions, and desires with His Spirit. If you pray the prayer below, you are choosing to come into agreement with God's purpose for your body and stepping into the process of transformation.

Holy Spirit, I surrender ownership of my body to you. God, I desire to live in complete alignment with your plans and purposes for my body on this earth. I am clay and you are the potter. I give you permission to mold me into a temple of your Spirit and a weapon of righteousness through the living water of Jesus Christ. I give you access to solidify this mold in your refining fire. Lord, teach me how to use my body for these purposes every day. Fill me with your grace that strengthens me to stay disciplined and consistent in living out my destiny. I trust that you will provide me with the rest that my body requires to recover properly and create lasting change. Thank you Jesus that I fight from a position of victory and that the endurance gained through the fight is what releases perfection into my entire being. Amen.

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