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Carly and Ariel are long time roomies that traded in the hustle and bustle of New York City for beautiful Bondi Beach. Ariel is a seasoned health and wellness coach that spent the majority of her ten year career at Equinox training clients in lifestyle transformation. Carly is currently attending Hillsong International Leadership College to gain a deeper understanding of Christian theology and effective leadership skills. 


As a result of living in major cities around the world, they have wrestled with accepting the identity that society wants to give them. Instead, they have decided to pursue God’s true identity in an unconventional way. The turning point came when their desire to experience the fullness of God became greater than their desire for the world. This led them to truly surrender every area of their lives to the authority of God. As they surrendered the pieces they had previously withheld, it demanded stretching and discomfort, but established a deeper level of peace than they had ever experienced before. This pursuit is continually producing new layers of refinement through every season of life. 


As God revealed to them new ways of living they started to identify the principles that were producing supernatural growth. In a world where everyone is preaching health and wellness, it became clear there was a missing link: surrender versus striving. They tried to live healthy lives in their own strength, yet were always coming up short. There were endless methods available, yet none were leading to lasting transformation. 


They found that much of the psychological research and scientific training principles they studied were actually parallels of biblical truths. These parallels revealed that God has given humanity the authority and responsibility to steward well our minds, bodies, and spirits. Godly stewardship requires ongoing restoration, mobilization and strengthening of these areas. 


Carly and Ariel have watched many friends and family members give a lot of time and energy towards building things like church, careers, or relationships with the hope of fulfillment, but struggled to receive the refilling of God’s presence and peace. Their heart is to give people the tools to build intimacy with God directly so that whatever they choose to build is from a place of wholeness.