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RMS has designed customized fitness programs that facilitate continual adaptation of the body and mind.

In this day and age, where thousands of workouts are available at your fingertips, option overload and uncertainty of how to pair together these endless methods can paralyze the process of accomplishing your goals. Whether you have a specific performance based goal or you just want to look and feel your absolute best, there are tried and true ways to keep the body progressing. RMS programs are rooted in one of the most foundational scientific principles used in quality exercise programming: the SAID principle.

SAID stands for ‘Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand.’ The general concept implies that when the body is exposed to stress in a particular way, it will begin to make adaptations that enable it to endure and recover with ease from that specific stress in the future. For example, a tennis player’s dominant arm is going to be stronger and more coordinated than their non-dominant arm due to greater volume of training. Therefore, we need to have clarity around what it is we are trying to develop in the body and ensure that all of our training supports that. A marathon runner cannot just train for strength and expect their running speed and duration to improve.


What often happens is we expose the body to overwhelming variety in our training: pilates on monday, steady state running on wednesday, HIIT on Friday, and a killer strength session on Saturday. There is no shame in this approach. Being consistent in any movement is a win! But we may not realize that this “keep the body guessing” methodology we have been sold by the media can lead to a plateau rather quickly. Joel Jamieson, one of the leading voices in cardiovascular training, says, “If you’re trying to develop strength, speed, power, and endurance, all at once, then most likely none of these qualities are individually getting enough training volume to improve. The best way to stimulate a specific quality to improve is to focus your training efforts on it.” Even if your goal is simply fat-loss, tailored programming is the key to ensuring that the needle keeps moving in the direction you want. It is also important to note that certain types of training actually work against one another. For example, if you are working so hard on enduring those long distance runs to expand your aerobic capacity and maximize fat loss, then it is not your best option to pair that with multiple spin classes each week. Although both of these activities burn calories, the energy systems being trained work in opposition to one another, so neither is able to reach its full potential. Good exercise programming requires in depth scientific knowledge and deep consideration of how all of these factors can best support one another.

RMS is here to take the guesswork out for you and offer you the skillset of an expert personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

Every RMS work program is designed to adapt one primary principle at a time. Strength training, guided cardio, and recovery are all paired intentionally to maximize transformation and keep you ascending to greater levels! When you commit to the entirety of an RMS program the ongoing results will speak for themselves.



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